FLV To MP3 Converter

FLV To MP3 Converter

Most converters can convert MP4 video to MP3 only, but don't support YouTube FLV files. FLV To MP3 Converter is a windows program that fast converts FLV To MP3 audio format. FLV To MP3 Converter also supports MP4, MPG, WMV, MOV and more video formats to MP3 and other audio formats conversion.

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FLV To MP3 Converter 3.0: Urgent Help in Converting YouTube Videos

FLV To MP3 Converter announces a new version of its main product. Once begun as a technique to download YouTube FLV videos to MP3 for iPods, iPhones etc., it supports now batch mode and extends its activity to convert various video files to MP3 and other music formats simultaneously.

Inevitably tangled up in the Internet, we realize it is a daily task to deal with different types of files adapting them for our needs. Boosting its population YouTube continues catching its fancy all around the world gaining its fans everywhere. Nevertheless, many of the viewers go further than just watching videos online, so they have to resort to converters to save files, share them and keep in their gadgets.

User-friendly FLV To MP3 Converter stands out in a flashing number of converters as it quickly delivers aid to people affected by any striking videos, which should be then saved, listened and watched on their diversified gadgets. So it supports over 20 audio and video formats to input for saving movies in any preferred format for the next usage. On closer inspection of the program, the user may also discover the option of Extractor which makes it possible to extract most of video formats to MP3 audio. Moreover, it encodes wave files to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC and more audio formats, which allows to enjoy downloaded music wherever.

FLV To MP3 Converter may comply with any anticipation of an excellent quality of the converted files. Improved version is characterized by the options of setting and changing rate and bitrate with Cut Feature (in Settings), which is aimed at cutting audio files to MP3 pieces to be listened as wished.

Pricing and Availability

The time-limited giveaway version is free until Oct 25th. The price of registration varies according to the chosen number of licences but does not exceed $30. The program is compatible with all Windows OS.


Founded in 2010, FLV To MP3 Converter sets its goals in providing possibility to enjoy music from YouTube. Concerning the installation the clear tutorial is available on: http://www.flvmp3.net/tutorial.html



Product page: http://www.flvmp3.net
Download link: http://www.flvmp3.net/down/flv2mp3.exe

FLV To MP3 Converter